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With the competition between Amazon Web Services and the likes of Microsoft Azure being at its peak, most businesses are now trying to stay ahead of the game.

But what are the advantages of AWS and why do most companies decide to go with this provider?

A well-known quote from IT expert Tony Seba is that those who don’t run a service are in fact running a company; and those who run a service are in fact not running a company. What this basically means is that they’re taking advantage of the fact that AWS offers a great service and do not have to make any compromises.

How Cloud Computing Providers Differ

Even though Amazon Web Services is one of the largest providers of cloud computing, there are others. However, their services differ from the basic service offered by AWS.

These include things like security, scalability, and storage to name just a few. But where most businesses find it difficult to compete with the likes of Amazon, there are others which have come up with new concepts and offer those that can be easily incorporated into your existing business.

The main point is that there are now more options available than ever before. For example, if you’re a small business, then you can consider using AWS for your data storage needs. But when it comes to those who are in a larger business that needs to provide you with the same services you need, there are other options.

Of course, there are services like Microsoft Azure, which has the same technology as AWS, but offers more capabilities and flexibility in terms of managing resources. It can be used for various reasons and as such is often referred to as the bridge between Amazon Web Services and other platforms.

In addition to those already mentioned, there are other alternatives such as the Google Cloud Platform and Google Compute Engine, and to name just a few. This leads to the question; do businesses really have to choose between AWS and those alternative platforms?

There are many businesses that choose to go with those alternative services because they are able to provide them with all the services and functionality they need. You can also benefit from this because they offer you better management of your resources and ultimately lower costs.

And as such, they help to reduce your overall costs and provide you with the capacity to manage and scale your own web servers. If you use these alternatives, then you can do it very simply, simply, and at a significantly lower cost.

If you want to know more about these services, it’s best to read the reviews that are being given about them. However, if you prefer to go directly to Amazon, then it’s recommended that you go through the website’s FAQ section first.

In terms of this, if you do use the website, it would be better to take the time to read through the FAQ and the instructions there. For those looking for a direct answer to the question; will I lose money if I don’t use Amazon Web Services?