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What is a “Mail Server”?

A Mail Server is the main computer that a user uses to access and manage mail and the server to send mail. A Mail Server in the industry is usually the part of the server that sends, receives and manages mail messages in the local area network.

If a person wants to access their computer at work using a client and server configuration, then a computer which is called a “client” is a server which has a specific role to perform like a client for example Outlook or Windows or Mac, this type of client is also called an integrated server or an operating system like Mac, Windows, or Internet Explorer. Then there is a “server” which is also a client like the one for example Microsoft Exchange Server.

What can a Mail Server do?

When it comes to a server, it is a kind of application that provides a service and works on the computer network that is used to access email. It can be very important and must have a specific set of features for a server to work correctly. Here are some of the most important functions of a mail server.

The first function of a server is called “Shared Server”. This kind of server is the default type of server but people are usually not used to it so it needs some instructions to help it work properly. To help it work better, there are many software that you can download which are referred to as hosting software.

What is a mailbox? A mailbox is the place where people can put their email address. There are several kinds of mailboxes like user@domain, system-administrator@domain, contact@domain, folder@domain, and aliases@domain.

Now that we know what a mailbox is, we can go back to the first function that the server can perform – send a message. There are two ways to send a message to someone. First is “Direct Mail” and second is “Autoresponders”.

Direct Mail means to send a message to someone directly by an email address without any content in it. Autoresponders are sending a message to someone who does not have a mailbox but still can send you an email and its content will be displayed in the mail box.

There are two types of messages that can be sent through a server. There are:

How can I see my mail messages? To view the messages, you can run Outlook to view the messages.

Do I need a mail account to use the mail server? Actually, you do not. However, you can create an account to access your mail server if you don’t have one.

Why do I need to have a service called a “Mail Server”? A Mail Server helps the user to get a mail account without using their own mailbox to login.

How can I find a mail server? Well, if you want to find a Mail Server like Windows Server 2020, then there are two types of ways to find a Mail Server.