Black People &
Their Place In World History  

By: Dr. Leroy Vaughn, MD, MBA

A Dynamic, Honest and Powerful View of Black History










IV. AFTER 1776

V. AFTER 1865 -

VI. AFTER 1900 -


Black Wall Street

5 Black Presidents

Black Inventors



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Ye Shall Know The Truth,
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"Leroy William Vaughn M.D., M.B.A. is not only one of the world’s renowned ophthalmologists, but also one of the leading authorities on Black history.  Basketball is Michael Jordan’s game.  Black history and ophthalmology are Dr. Vaughn’s games. 

Dr. Vaughn’s medical credentials and expertise as a diabetic eye specialist and as a remarkable surgeon make him one of the leading practitioners in his field.  His knowledge as an historian is equally as outstanding."  From the book BLACK PEOPLE AND THEIR PLACE IN WORLD HISTORY, the Foreward by Brad Pye.

Dr. Vaughn has been studying Black History since the 1960's.  His floor to ceiling, can hardly walk in the room for the books, collection of Black History material is impressive by any standard. 

In the 1990's Dr. Vaughn wrote a series of ground breaking articles that reveal the truth about BLACK PEOPLE AND THEIR PLACE IN WORLD HISTORY which originally appeared in the  Los Angeles Sentinel.  This book is a compilation of those articles with supporting documentation. 

In these chapters Dr. Vaughn reveals  the truth about Oklahoma's Black Wall Street, which is still having an impact on the Black economy.  He tells who are the five Black American Presidents (Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding & Coolidge) and how does he know.  He writes of the African Warrior Queen Nzinga, explains Hannibal's African roots, list many Black Inventors and Military Personnel, and many other facts on the accomplishments and contributions Black People have made which benefit the whole world.   Truth has a healing quality.

Learn the rarely spoken political secret: 

Who were the 5 Black United States Presidents?   

Understand the root of a financial fear
still affecting the African American economy. 

What was Black Wall Street, why did it happen,
and what happened to the folks afterwards?

Break through the lies about
Black contributions to everyday life.  

Who are some of the Black patent holding inventors
and what did they create?  

Originally published as a collection of articles in the Los Angeles Sentential, this e-book is a work designed to satisfy the needs of everyone in search of historical truth and understanding.  Dr. Vaughn reports little known and powerful historical facts.  His list of References and Additional Readings is hooked up to, to make additional research easier.  It’s a perfect Black History 101, ‘Ancient Period to the late 20th Century’ lesson.

Dr. Vaughn sets the stage to break through the lies with the opening of his work.  "President Thomas Jefferson said, "Never yet could I find that a Black had uttered a thought above the level of plain narration...never saw an elementary tract of painting or sculpture."  Congressman Thomas Hardwick of Georgia, in 1904, demanded and received the disenfranchisement of Black people from the gains made after the Civil War.  He said, "Black people never founded a government nor made a single step toward civilization that did not soon lapse in barbarism, except under the fostering care and guidance of White people."  Historian Arnold Toynbee wrote in his 1934 history book: "It will be seen that when we classify mankind by color, the only primary race that has not made a creative contribution to any civilization is the Black race." That level of ignorance falls into a ditch when Dr. Vaughn turns on the Light of Truth.

President Jefferson, Congressman Thomas Hardwick, historian Arnold Toynbee and you have heard of ancient Egyptian Civilization.  "Cheikh Anta Diop was successful in convincing everyone at the 1974 UNESCO Symposium that the ancient Egyptians were Black Africans, and yet western society continues to portray them as White.  The epitome of unconscionable cultural thievery is the Pyramid shaped Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, which displays White Egyptian figures inside, and a Sphinx outside with blue eyes and a European nose." 

In the picture book, in addition to talking about Black contributions in medicine, are many historical photographs including a photo of  Black doctors in military service.  For example, from the Library of Congress:

U.S. Negro troops on way to Liberia. Aboard a U.S. Army transport bound for Liberia, Africa officers of the Negro troops sit down for a meal. Left to right around the table; Lieutenant Abner R. Branch, oral surgeon; Captain Harsba F. Buoyer, war veteran and distinguished doctor; Captain W.D. Nabors; Warrant Officer Brice; Lieutenant Henderson, pathologist and tropical medicine expert; Edgar Rouezeau, correspondent of the Pittsburg Courier; Lieutenant Ned Manley, orthopedic surgeon and professor at Howard University , famous Negro institution, before entering the service; and Lieutenant Goldsberry, physician and holder of a master's degree in public health from Harvard University” L.O.C. Created/Published [between 1940 and 1946]

"Covered in Dr. Vaughn’s book are the ancient period, after Christ, after 1492 (Columbus), after 1776 (Independence), after 1865 (slavery), and after 1900 (20th Century).  If you really want to know about “Black People and Their Place in World History” then you should rush out and obtain a copy of Dr. Vaughn’s masterpiece before the sun goes down."

Available in Microsoft Word 2003 or Microsoft Reader files.  Purchased copies come with the rights to cut, copy and paste with proper credit given.  The linkable recommended reading sections at the end of each chapter help make additional research material easier to find.

It's true that some things are too good not to share for free.  Click below to read the free e-book version with just the words and a few photos is posted on line.

Black People And Their Place 
In World History.

Available in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Reader files for $20.00 with rights to cut, copy and paste with proper credit given.   Adobe and word perfect formats soon to follow.  Purchase price includes access to all offered e-book versions of BLACK PEOPLE AND THEIR PLACE IN WORLD HISTORY. 

Give the gift of truth to those you feel are open to it.  We are learning the truth and the truth is setting us all free.  Any problems, comments or reviews e-mail me, nayer@compurest.comThis book is a must read for anyone in search of historic truth.  Proof that, no matter what, we are overcoming now. 

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