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With Introduction by:
David Crockett Williams

Price:  $20.00 U.S.

“The only general principle this author is aware of is God.”

 "Truth has a ring to it which is unmistakable to those in search of it.”

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DePalma, Free Energy & The N-Machine is a compilation of papers and the Patent Application by Bruce DePalma, Inventor of the N-Machine which, with a Faraday Motor, uses magnets and brushes to pull electricity from the matter surrounding us. 

DePalma quotes Tesla's wisdom.  From Where Electrical Science Went Wrong:

 "It is characteristic of fundamental discoveries, of great achievements of the intellect, that they retain an undiminished power upon the imagination of the thinker. The memorable experiment of Faraday with a disc rotating between two poles of a magnet, which has borne such magnificent fruit, has long passed into every-day experience; yet there are certain features about this embryo of the present dynamos and motors which even today appear to us striking, and are worthy of the most careful study."

- Nicola Tesla, 1891, New York City, New York

The works of American inventor Bruce DePalma originally appeared in various papers published between the 1970's to the late 1990's.

Bruce DePalma graduated from M.I.T. in 1958. He attended graduate school in Electrical Engineering and Physics at M.I.T. and Harvard University. At M.I.T. he was a lecturer in Photographic Science in the Laboratory of Dr. Harold Edgerton and directed 3-D color photographic research for Dr. Edwin Land of Polaroid Corporation. He commenced his work in Free Energy through his studies on the gyroscope and the nature of motion.

DePalma's invention, the N-machine, is a free energy electrical generator in that he created in 1977-78. He is widely published. His scientific papers are available on the Internet. What makes this ebook unique is the logical presentation with links in the copy for further research.

Free energy is a subject that has sparked my imagination for awhile.  Back in 1985, I shared a computer renaissance center with Bernard Hirschenson and some other dear friends on West 55th Street in Manhattan.  While there, a man brought a script about the life of Nicholas Tesla.  In that script there was a scene where Tesla and Edison were arguing.  Edison wanted to charge for electricity.  Tesla asked why would one charge for electricity when it’s all around us, demonstrated by the many static shocks we all receive from time to time.  With the right equipment, that energy can be pulled from the air.  Like many great scripts in the 80’s and 90’s, it didn’t get made, but the story stuck with me.  Pull the energy from air?  Could it be done cleanly?  Safely?  Free? 

“The availability of free energy from as simple an experiment as colliding a rotating object with a non-rotating one opens up the development of other machines for energy extraction and propulsion...” (Gravity and the Spinning Ball Experiment)  The extra, free energy is “achieved by the balancing of equal and opposing similarly derived forces.” (The Secret of the Force Machine)  Bruce DePalma’s N-Machine uses spinning rare earth magnets and brushes to create electricity to run cars, homes, etc.  The N-Machine with a Faraday Motor is a way to pull that extra free energy.  Nick Tesla said it could be done.  DePalma did it.  So have others.

The U.S. government financed the Super Collider yet would not let DePalma use his N-Machine to power his home.  He was self published, and a maverick in traditional physics. 

From: Extraction of Electrical Energy Directly from Space: The N-Machine

"The extraction of energy directly from space has been suggested as a viable process for the solution of the energy problems of society. The accessibility of this energy has been limited by the necessity for the formulation of new energy paradigms. In the past, energy in space has been suggested by thoughts such as Orgone, Od, Prana, Bio-cosmic, Neutrino energy sea and so on, but the useful extraction of such energies has always awaited more explicit formulations of these ideas which could suggest the construction of simple practical energy extraction machinery."

DePalma wrote in The Problem of Free Energy -  "I have a very strong background in successful high-tech R&D. Once I had demonstrated the reality of direct extraction of electrical energy in a small model N-machine, I thought commercial development would be obvious and easy. That was 17 years ago.

 We live in a technological world. We tend to think all problems in the world can be solved through science and technology. If this were the case, we would have free energy now, and the world would be at peace.

The details of my experiences with the N-machines I have built and demonstrated have been published elsewhere. Through it all I have had to learn by direct experience certain realities of the world we live in and the consequences of introducing a possibly world changing invention to Mankind.

Einstein showed us power was in the existence of all things, and nowhere is that more true than in the works and activities of the elite groups who attempt to control society. The nature of these groups and their power has come to light in the studies of the Tri-lateral Commission, the CFR, the World Bank, and Dope Inc. Power and energy, the generation and control thereof, is the number one business in the world, more powerful than guns and drugs, food and property. One of my first discoveries, after having graduated from University, was that science and scientists in general were controlled in their activities by managers and political influences originating from individuals with no intrinsic knowledge of science. The feeling was that if there was a job to be done, a specification could be generated, money could be offered and technical people would step forward. If there were first rate scientists who felt the job was immoral or impossible, then there were legions of second and third raters who would step forward and take the money. This ensured the control of science and scientists could be maintained by money. In this world nothing was impossible and all things could be done. As soon as a scientist would step forward and challenge the rationality, viability, or morality of a given program, he could be stopped through excommunication." As a excommunicated inventor of CompUrest, I can assure you, there is truth in DePalma's words. 

DePalma asked for help getting the word out.  This ebook is a response to his request.  He died before a publisher could pick up his work. 

Available in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Reader files with rights to cut, copy and paste with proper credit given.   Adobe and Word Perfect formats soon to follow.  Purchase price includes access to all ebook versions of DePalma, Free Energy and the N-Machine by Bruce DePalma. 

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